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This CD was conceived during a motorcycle trip to Gettysburg.  Looking at a route map the town of Manassas popped out at me.  It seemed fitting as Manassas was the first major battle of the American Civil War.  The Union called it The Battle of Bull Run.

There is no way to portray the sadness of this war.  Not that all wars are not sad.  But here the enemy spoke the same language, was born on the same land and believed in the same form of government.  The enemy was us against ourselves.  

The South fought for the state's right to own slaves.  The US government was poised to allocate 2 billion dollars (in today's funds) to buy freedom for the slave population from their owners.

Before that could happen the southern states seceded from the union to set up their own country:  The Confederate States of America.

The US government fought the war for the preservation of the Union, bringing freedom for the slaves along with it.

I tried to to put myself in the shoes of those Union and Confderate soldiers.   The technology was different, but they were the same as us:  they missed their families and wanted it all to end.

These songs are their songs.  These songs are our songs.  Although the war ended twice; once in 1865 (Appomattox) and 100 years later in 1965  (the Civil Rights Act), the fight still goes on.  There will be more songs to write and more victories to sing.  I will meet you there.


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